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Northwest Medical Physics Center (NMPC) has been proudly providing onsite Clinical Medical Physics services to centers across Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Hawaii, and Guam since the early 1970’s. We currently have multiple contracts with greater than 10 years service and others with greater than 20 years service, the maximum being 34 years!  NMPC provides part time and full time coverage from 0.4 FTE to 4.5 FTE to our current thirty plus centers.

NMPC also has been directly involved in the shielding design for the majority of the Radiation Oncology Departments in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

NMPC is available to work across the United States. Please contact our Admininstration Team for more information regarding our services and the sites we cover now.

Radiation Physics Services:

  • Long Term Medical Physics Onsite Coverage
  • Medical Physics Consultation
  • Shielding Design
  • Facility Radiation Survey
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Linear Accelerator Commissioning
  • Beam Modeling and TPS Commissioning
  • TG-51 calibration
  • Rapid Arc Commissioning
  • Electronic Brachytherapy (EBT) Calibration
  • Locum Medical Physics
  • Remote Dosimetry
  • Annual Quality Assurance Testing for Medical Linac, Radiation Oncology Imaging, and TPS
  • Patient Immobilization
  • Medical Technology

Mock oral ABR class – Rex Ayers, MS, DABR, MCCPM, CHP
NMPC offers ABR and CCPM mock oral boards in preparation for the board examinations. All sessions are conducted via WEBEX so all you need is a web cam to participate. The emphasis is placed upon oral communication rather than medical physics content, although feedback is provided. All sessions are recorded for download and later review. Your session will be conducted with one other person and each session lasts two hours. You may sign up for one or as many sessions as you like. A hard copy of each examination will be provided after completion. The hardest part of the oral board process for most people is being able to answer the questions in a clear, concise manner. Please contact Rex Ayers, MS, DABR, MCCPM, CHP for additional information at rayers@nmpc.org.

Diagnostic and health physics services can be sought from the following providers:
Ander Baltzo, Medical Physicist/Owner, baltzohp@comcast.net
Corwin Health Physics, Inc.
Robert Gutcheck, Ph.D., 206-781-8152, 206-619-9317, medphysicsser@yahoo.com