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Our Team

Like every great organization, NMPC is all about our people. We are a happy group because we are enthusiastic about our work, we feel honored to do it, and we support one another to do it well. Physicists who come to NMPC tend to stay because our culture encourages professional development, collegiality, and excellent service to our patients. And, of course, we wouldn’t be happy physicists without our great administrative team, and our clients who share our commitment to excellence in radiation oncology.

NMPC has several specialty teams to ensure consistency and quality of service. Our QA Committee provides ongoing review of machine parameters at all of our sites. Our IGRT Committee leverages experience and knowledge about emerging imaging technology in our centers. Our SRS/SBRT committee provides support and review of programs and practices. Our Peer Review Committee provides an independent review of physics practices at each of our sites.  Our physicists are also engaged in research projects and Publications.

Medical Physicists

Applied Physics Technologist